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Shyftrs is 2D Single player hand-drawn stylized action adventure metroidvania game inspired from different myths, legends and various culture found throughout history.

The realm of Shyftrs is a dark fantasy and sketchy yet stylized feel. All hand drawn to deliver the right feel and mood to each creature, character, and environment.

It has vibrant colours with detailed environment that will immerse players as you go deep within the world.

A Wonderful Wicked World

Travel the dark fantasy realm with Brams

Explore the world of Ikarus in the Kingdom of Aden, a land rich in Magick coming from the Great Ember tree. Areas surrounding it has high concentration of magick that led to the evolution of other living organisms.

It has a large interconnected biomes that has its own ecology of flora and fauna. Players can explore every corner of the game to find hidden wonders, and even pave the way to a ‘True Ending’.

Unlock Secrets...

Throughout the game, you will unlock certain skills and abilities to overcome challenges, while discovering portals to the parallel dimension. Every obstacle lets the player be creative in making the right decisions.

Discover checkpoints that allow you to piece the puzzle of your bloodline. As you traverse, you will meet NPCs and bosses that will make you double-think your choices whether or not you will get the best possible outcome.

Wicked Combat

What is adventure without weapons? Your weapon of choice are cane sword, pistol, or your newfound ability to "shift".

Customize your skills and create your own combo mechanics.

Use your new found prowess to change into a beast and experience the adrenaline.

Astral Shifting

Enter the world of SHYFTRS and explore other dimensions by interacting with an olden rune stone to discover other hidden wonders in the Astral world.



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Meet the Team

Gerard Lituanas

Game Designer / Artist

He designs and animates the game with a passion for creativity — creativity makes him happy. He sees every challenge as an opportunity! Ged believes in the transformative power of art and illustration, and their influence to engage, elevate experiences and encourage people everywhere.

This fella loves producing something wicked together with the squad. When Ged is not busy doodling arts, he can be found wandering around to buy his favourite ice cream in NZ.

Vin Paule

Programmer / Game Designer


A hands-on computer whiz with years of programming experience.


Vin has been responsible for bringing the game into life. A good lad who learns and adapts to any project thrown at him. He simply believes in magic by creating memorable interactive experiences and connections to their audience. Vin runs the game looking ahead with the grander goal in mind. He keeps it all in check, ensuring bugs are not lurking around the environment.

Sai Natarajan

Composer / Sound Design


Sai is an NZ-based composer for media with a background in orchestral music and film scoring. He specializes in lush orchestral textures, soaring melodies and sweeping cinematic soundscapes. At the same time however, he also has an interest in blending musical elements from different genres.


For the music of Shyftrs, he's abandoning his typical cinematic sound in favour of a more unique and gritty blend of Steampunk and Dark Fantasy. He hopes that this style of music will elevate the gameplay to the next level.

Kyra Lulu

Voice Actress


Adept lady who brings the character come to life through powerful voice-over work. Kyra loves using her voice as a stellar source of entertainment. Her acting journey started in Sacred Heart Girls’ College and Hillcrest Highschool and explored the various theatrical styles from Greek to Brechtian, and seeded on-screen acting experience by featuring and acting in student films.

Her main endeavour has been actor training at Yoobee Colleges, Auckland. She has dived into voiceover work, character development, scene study and stage combat training.

In Collaboration with

Ayla Custodio

Content Creator / Gamer


Ayla is a variety gamer and content creator from New Zealand. A geeky lass with a passionate interest in story-driven games. Her motivation for creativity roots from the challenges and satisfactions she usually gets. She has been pro-active in mastering the latest technologies to create contents in almost every genre that looks grand.

Ayla enjoys doing walkthroughs, reactions, reviews, unboxings, vlogs, and podcasts. Follow Ayla on her cool journey with Shyftrs.

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