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The team has been working non-stop, especially after the previous campaign. Our first objective was to obtain an initial funds to push the development of Shyftrs, and we were successful in receiving funding from CODE Dunedin last December 2022. We are incredibly thankful of the CODE team's assistance in putting Shyftrs on the right path.

Our team will start the production of the game demo starting mid-February and hoping to finish it by end of July or August. We plan to release an initial demo after the short production and it will depend on the current situation if we have or have not secured a funding yet.

We will be posting the announcement via Discord and Twitter so stay tuned!

What we have been doing so far...

While the team are busy in applying for funding, we are still working on other parts of the game like polishing player movement / skill mechanics, finishing the initial draft for the whole narrative of the game and preparing artworks for in-game implementation inside Unity engine.

Designing the Interface

Designing the interface is a challenging factor because it's not only about the icons and aesthetics, it's also about the functionality of each elements. Here we can take a look the inventory design layout and a little bit of sneak peek on some of the items. 

A page for your gears and upgrades.

An ancient bracelet? hmmmm..

Here are some of the items you want to have for game progression.

Combat system is always a part of every game so here are a sneak peek of skill icons you can use. Can you guess some of them based on their design?

Mythical Plants

In the Mystical Land of Ikarus, not only animals but also plants began to adapt to their surroundings. Some of them absorb a little to medium amount of magic shortly after evolving, while others have transformed into a distinct breed. While exploring the Shyftrs universe, you can come across several plants like these.

Concept Arts


Here are some of the concept sketches in preparation for animation and assigning a behaviour that will corresponds to the main narrative.

Creature Types

To make designing the creatures easier, we categorized it based on the environment we have in the world of Shyftrs.

Boss Concept Sketches

Of course! The game is not complete without the Badass Bosses!

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